Frequently Asked Questions

  • Company Questions

  • How long has GoGraph been around?
  • Where are you located?
  • Who is GoGraph?
  • Website Questions

  • After purchase are the Watermarks still visible?
  • Can I add text to an image?
  • Can I purchase on account and be billed for my purchases?
  • Can I use an image in a newspaper / magazine?
  • Can I use an image on a product for sale such as a poster or greeting card?
  • Can I use an image on my website?
  • Can I use images for advertisements and marketing material?
  • Can I use the image as my logo?
  • Can I Use the Image in a Book?
  • Can the images be used on Facebook and blogs?
  • Can you purchase credits to buy and download images?
  • Do all images have backgrounds? What if I want a transparent image?
  • Do I have to pay sales tax?
  • Do You Do Custom Work?
  • Do you offer a subscription service?
  • Do you take submissions?
  • How can I add images to my Favorites?
  • How can I get a comping image?
  • How can I request a return?
  • How can I update my account information?
  • How do I download my purchase?
  • I received a $0.xx fee on my credit card from GoGraph. What is this?
  • My EPS file won't open in Corel Draw. Why?
  • What can I do within my account?
  • What does Royalty Free mean?
  • What is a model release?
  • What is an EPS file?
  • What is a property release?
  • What is a ZIP file? How can I open it?
  • What is File Compression?
  • What type of payment options are available?
  • Where did my files save to?
  • General

  • Are the images Free?
  • Can I order what is in the picture?
  • Do I have to pay to become a member of your website?
  • Do you offer discounted or special pricing for government, educational or reseller use?
  • Do you provide image editing services?
  • How do I find a specific image?
  • What does an image/video cost?
  • What is the ordering Process for an image?
  • Licensing

  • Can I license the use of an image for exclusivity?
  • How can I get a invoice/receipt for my purchase?
  • How can I re-download my purchase?
  • How long is my download available?
  • What is your refund policy?
  • What size should I purchase?
  • Why did my subscription automatically renew?
  • Why was my purchase declined? I know my card is good?

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